Auxiliary and subject in a coordinated sentence

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What is the correct form in this phrase? "Josh doesn't wath tv or ... the newspaper".
I'm uncertain between "doesn't read", "reads" and "read". I think "reads" but I am not sure.
The same doubt in "John is eating a panino and ... a glass of milk". I'm uncertain between "is drinking" and "drinks".
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    The negation doesn't covers the second verb, so it has to be read: the same form as for watch:

    Josh doesn't [watch TV or read the newspaper].

    The second sentence also requires two matching forms, but there are two ways they can match. 'Is' can be shared or repeated:

    John is [eating a panino and drinking a glass of milk]. (the more likely choice)
    John [is eating a panino and is drinking a glass of milk].


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    The construction is a parallel one, i.e. the same form of the verb should be used/the second verb should mirror the first.

    Josh doesn't watch TV or read the newspaper. (With or you should not repeat doesn't)

    Similarly, John is eating a sandwich and (is) drinking a glass of milk. (there is more than one English word for panino, by the way)

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