1. Mompirri Senior Member

    Colombian Spanish
    ¡Hola! En mi país es muy popular tomar (beber) avena, puede ser caliente o fría, incluso en lugares con clima caliente, le adicionan hielo y es deliciosa. Sé que avena es "oats", pero cuando esta líquida para beberla, no estoy seguro si puedo usar el término "porridge". Gracias
  2. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    Porridge is not something we would add ice to, nor would we drink it. We eat it with a spoon, as it is quite thick. Are you talking about a kind of tea made from oats?
  3. duvija

    duvija Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay
    Never heard of 'avena' para tomar.
  4. donbill

    donbill Senior Member / Moderator

    South Carolina / USA
    English - American
    ¿Cómo se prepara la bebida? ¿Es una infusión de avena? :confused:
  5. nijota429

    nijota429 Senior Member

    United States
    English - USA
    Una búsqueda en Google revela que se comercializa como "Avena" incluso en propaganda dirigida a un público angloparlante. La marca Alpina vende un producto que se llama Finesse Oatmeal Drink.
  6. Mompirri Senior Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Thanks for the info gengo. Well, I am not an expert in cuisine, but I know you boil the oats in hot water or milk and then serve it usually hot; it is a thick drink too, but not too thick as to use a spoon for drinking it. Regarding the cold drink, it tastes a little different and it is usually drunk with ice on it, but I don´t know how they make it. In fact, there is a chain store here called "Avena Cubana", where they sell their own versión of cold avena and some other typical food from Colombia.
  7. Mompirri Senior Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Well, I am not an expert in this matter, but I know you take the oats in flakes or ground and boil it in milk or water too and serve it hot. You can drink it from a cup or use a spoon too and drink it as a soup. But the cold versión we find in hot weather cities, tastes a little different (much better to me) and you can add some ice to it, but in this case, you only drink from a glass without spoon, although it is kind of thick too.
    I forgot about our natonal company Alpina that sells this product and I found what 2nijota429" said, so I think I camn use that term oatmeal drink.
    Thanks everyone for your help!
  8. Hogwaump Senior Member

    English - USA
    In my experience most people call it simply "avena" and one derives the preparation method of the oats from context. After all, it is a drink, and one could hardly drink cooked oatmeal or whole oats. This drink is much like "atole," which is made from corn instead.
  9. Mompirri Senior Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Thanks Hogwaump! I guess then that I should use "avena" and explain what it is instead of inventing confusing expressions.

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