aver avuto un po' più fortuna

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italian, italy
Hi folks,

I'd like to say to a friend of mine that I hope he had been having (?) some more luck in the past 2 weeks.

In Italian it would be:

spero abbiate avuto un pò più di fortuna in queste settimane.

my best try is:

I really hope you've been more lucky in this days

Thank you all!
  • Karl!!!!

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    Hi, a couple of suggestions:

    I (really) hope you've been having a bit more luck these last couple of weeks.
    I hope your luck has improved these last couple of weeks.


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    Italian, Italy
    Se le weeks sono past, allora credo ci vada direttamente il simple past:

    I really hope you were more lucky in the past two weeks.

    Dico bene?
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