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I wonder which one is commonly used in conversations.

I'm average build.
I'm of average build.
I have an average build.

Please give me advice.
  • lingobingo

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    English - England
    This is hardly something that would be likely to crop up in conversation very often. (It sounds like a police description of a missing person or a wanted criminal!) But if it did, I would expect most people to just say “I’m average build” – even though, personally, I’d prefer it with the “of” included. The other option is not idiomatic.


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    The most commonly used in conversations that I've heard, is the example, "I'm of average build."
    I guess one could utilize such phrase when conversing with someone online whom they have not met.

    Or as lingoblingo suggested, perhaps to describe a criminal :thumbsup:


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    You certainly see this type of description on a dating site. The third one is wrong. The first one better with "built". The second is fine.
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