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Hi all. This is something that started as a translation and has now turned into a wordsearch. The context is a Spanish article talking about Spain's foreign policy/relations. This is as it stands so far:

It is in the postwar period that Spain has assumed a more visible diplomatic and military role in keeping with the kind of average power it wishes to be.

The problem is 'average power'. This doesn't sound right to me - it sounds derogatory, as though they're nothing special. I know it's trying to say that they aren't a big power like the US and they aren't a small power (won't mention any names ;) ), but what do you call a power somewhere in between? A 'mid-range' power? Nothing I can think of sounds right. I hope somebody can help.

Thanks in advance!
  • volky

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    what about using, the world power level, and forget about average.

    in keeping with the world power level it wishes to be...

    I don't think anyone will strike for a medium or average level. You go for the high level and the results will place you on top, medium or low level.

    I have trouble with keeping with

    I'm sure there will be better options. :)
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