avere le palle nella cassa


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In the Italian Sicilian dialect there is a curious saying:
Ciccio(abbreviation of Francesco) avi paddi 'nta cascia...which literally could be : Ciccio ha le palle nella cassa.
This means something like saying that a guy who is engaged to a girl can no longer behave freely as he used to do when he was single.
Is there an ironic expression in English, meaning more or less the same thing?:)
Thank you
  • You little ripper!

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    The only one I can think of is, "She's got his balls on a chain around her neck", which is generally used to mean that the woman is the boss in that relationship. I suppose that's pretty much the same as a man no longer being able to behave as freely as he used to when he was single.


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    I was thinking "She has him on a short leash" which is not quite the same but indicates that his freedom is very limited. It is not quite as shocking as Charles's suggestion (at least it seems a little aggressive here in my neck of the woods), if you wanted something a little more polite.