Avestan: Etymology of Ušiδam/Uši.darǝna

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Artaxerxes I

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Hello dear forum members!

I just wanted to ask whether the part uši in both mountain names is really derived from ušah - "dawn" like some scholars propose?

Thanks in advance!
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    The older derivation of uši- from ušah- is problematic. Almut Hintze, Der Zamyād-Yašt p. 73 (commenting Yt. 19,2), following Jean Kellens, reads the first name as usaδā- “die Quellen gibt” (with usa- “source”), and the second as ušīdarəna- “mit roten Spalten”, with uši- as a Caland form of a word cognate with Skt usra- “red”.
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