Avevo già intuito che ci sarebbe stato questo problema

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Panzamodda, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Avevo già intuito che ci sarebbe stato questo problema

    Hey evrebody. Il contesto: avevo organizzato una cena a casa mia mandando un invito su facebook. Un mio amico ha scritto, molto dispiaciuto, che a causa di alcuni problemi con la ragazza ( di cui ero gia a conoscenza), non potrá esserci. Io volevo scrivergli una cosa di questo tipo, ma in inglese come é possibile renderla letterarmente?

    My attempt

    Don't worry, I've already had a hunch there would have been this problem!
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    Non c'è male. Ma, una suggerimento!

  3. rrose17

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    Another suggestion
    Yeah, I figured there might be a problem.
  4. Panzamodda Member

    Oh thank both of you, could I ask you if my attempt is completly wrong, and if it's, why? Also I'd like to know why "had a hunch" and not "have had a hunch".

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    I love brevity and simplicity in English, so my favourite way to say this would be:
    I thought this might happen.
    (In the context, "this" is clearly a problem.)

    I had a hunch this problem might happen.

    I teach English to Italians, and it isn't always easy to explain why the past simple is better than present perfect in some cases (as here), or vice versa. Some cases are clear, but others aren't.

    Here, "I have had a hunch" sounds strange to me, and I would need to work quite hard to invent a story in which it would be the more natural thing to say. Maybe: I invited them, but then came a flash of intuition. Now I have had a hunch; if I had had it before, I wouldn't have invited them.
  6. Panzamodda Member

    It's perfect, clear and easy just like an english teacher! Thank you a lot! And sorry for my poor english, I've been studying it for 3 months, so I hope to improve it!

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