Avis d’imposition

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  1. MarlaLP Member


    can someone please tell me the english translation of "avis d’imposition"?
    The préfecture is requesting this of my benefactor for the carte de séjour.

    Thank you!

  2. claude123 Senior Member

    France, French
    Tax assessment ?
  3. massie1

    massie1 Senior Member

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Canada, French and English
    Puisqu'il s'agit d'un avis, je préfère notice of assessment
  4. Aupick

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    Strasbourg, France
    UK, English
    In France, when you file your taxes in April you declare your income and earnings and deductions and so on, but you don't actually calculate how much tax you owe, like you do on an American 1040, and you don't send any money. You then wait, and around August the equivalent of the IRS sends you an avis d'imposition telling you how much tax you owe. It's usually waiting for you in your mailbox when you get back from your summer vacation. :( Then you have to pay.

    The avis d'imposition is used by certain organisations as a statement of how much you earn. Banks sometimes ask for it (certain types of account are only for people who don't earn enough to pay much in taxes, for example) as do rental agencies (who usually require that you earn three times your rent each month).
  5. Amelia25 Member

    Hello everybody!!

    I have to know what is the equivalent in English for "avis d'imposition"??

    I thought of the P60 that is delivered every year in the UK but I am not sure!

    Could you help me?

    Thank you
  6. egremoq Senior Member

    England / English
    "Tax assessment" probably comes closest ie a statement of the annual tax that has to be paid showing how it is calculated and how and when payment should be made. You could also say "tax notice" but that is not an official term and it could mean any notice about tax.
  7. Amelia25 Member

    Thank you for your message. The thing is that it is not a translation that I am doing!! This is a paper in France that I was asked to get so I thought the P60 would be appropriate for "avais d'imposition"...

    I will look as well for the tax assessement!

    Thank you
  8. egremoq Senior Member

    England / English
    There's really no direct equivalent as the two tax systems are different. As you probably know, a P60 is a document given by an employer to employees showing what they have earned in the previous tax year and how much tax was deducted under the Pay As You Earn system.

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