avium ovis cibus hominibus datur

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  1. melonidas Member

    Hello latin friends, can someone confirm this translation for: Avium ovis cibus hominibus datur

    El alimento de las aves es hecho por las ovejas de los hombres

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  2. XiaoRoel

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    Mejor: se da a los hombre una comida (a base) de huevo de aves (traducción literal).
  3. jrundin Senior Member

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    I would translate:

    "The birds' egg is given to people as food."

    Or, less literally, but more clearly: "Bird eggs are provided as food for people."
  4. djmc Senior Member

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    The Latin for egg is not ovis (which means sheep) but ovum. Thus you want avium ovum cibus hominibus datur.
  5. jrundin Senior Member

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    Yes, djmc! You're absolutely right! And I read right over that. My bad.
    Alas, my native language is not Latin, and I often make errors!

    "ovis" could conceivably be ablative plural here of ovum, and it could be
    an instrumental ablative (ablative of means).

    It's a stretch, but that would mean "Food is provided to humans through birds' eggs."

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  6. yenome New Member

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    "Ovis" is definitely ablative plural. If you change it to "ovum," then you have to put "cibus" in ablative instead: "Avium ovum cibo hominibus datur," "The egg of birds is given to humans as food."
  7. jrundin Senior Member

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    Hi, Yenome!

    I had taken the "cibus" as an appositive with the nominative "ovum" that I imagined. I think it could work that way.

    As an ablative of means, "ovis" is a bit awkward here. This really ought to be an ablative of source or origin, and
    those usually have "ex" or some other preposition. Maybe I should have translated:
    "Food is provided to people from birds' eggs."

    I find this phrase to be awkward Latin no matter what I do with it.
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