1. Proskauer New Member

    Living in France, speaking English
    I understand that avocat means lawyer. But as a non-lawyer I'm not sure if there's an equivalent to the French title. Lawyer-at-court? Lawyers go to court, normale. Lawyer-at-the-bar? Can anyone help me please? C'est pas evident!
  2. hunternet

    hunternet Senior Member

    France - French
    maybe "barrister" ? But the titles and trades are completely different. You may keep "avocat à la cour" and explain the whole thing in English.
  3. villefranche Senior Member

    Perhaps "trial lawyer."
  4. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    barrister in the UK trial lawyer in the USA
  5. keumar83 Senior Member

    attorney-at-law ?
  6. didibule New Member

    Lawyer at court
  7. Jiminthesun New Member

    The Francophone system is different from the UK or US. So there is no real translation. To become an Avocat in France its necessary to do a masters in law and then pass one Bar exam. You then complete 2 years training and take a second bar exam to achieve the status of Avocat à la cour which which means you can then represent clients in front of a Judge.

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