avoir beau être

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  1. Tupp Senior Member

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    L’épargne, a beau être très importante pour les Indiens, en ce qui concerne les mariages ils n’ont aucune limite.

    a beau être - does this mean "though" in this context? The savings, though very important for the Indians, where marriages are concerned there is no limit.
  2. LART01

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    Even though savings are very important....
    No matter how important.....
  3. Colonel Schnaffs Senior Member

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    Yes it does - though your translation doesn't quite work. You'd have to say something like "Whilst (or "though" if you want to retain that) savings are very important for the Indians, there are no limits where marriages are concerned.
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  4. epillarbox Senior Member

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    Or consider: For all that savings are very important to...
  5. wildan1

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    All of the possibilities proposed make sense. Even your own "Though".

    What is confusing, however, is that your original sentence has a comma after L'épargne -- it should not be there. Perhaps that will help you understand the meaning better.

    Though savings are important...

    (It might be more natural in English to say Though having money in the bank is important…)
  6. Tupp Senior Member

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    Merci beaucoup, Wildan. I must confess, I added the comma because I thought it made better sense with it... will remove it immediately. Thank you everyone for your imput.

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