avoir confiance en quelqu'un / faire confiance à quelqu'un

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I was just wondering if there is any difference between "faire confiance à qqn" and "avoir confaince en qqn".

Thanks in advance for your help.
  • lune_bleue

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    avoir confiance is more in a general way, at large...
    faire confiance pertains to a more precise task for instance.

    Can you please give an example.
    For instance, which is the difference betwen J'ai confiance en toi et Je te fais confiance ?? They both mean the same, I understand that, but what is that subtle difference of strengthness (probably that is what it is, right?) ?

    I have another question: is it correct to say: Je n'ai pas du confiance en moi! Is the use of du correct?

    merci d'avance.


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    "je n'ai pas du tout confiance en moi"
    to be honest, the difference is so subtle we can hardly explain it
    I would second TA4U : "j'ai confiance en toi" is maybe more general, whereas "je te fais confiance" may refer to some specific field, but again, it depends on the context



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    so can you say "trust me" in french like this...This is something I would say after explaining something to a group of friends, such as going to quebec is not as bad as you think, "trust me!".

    Le quebec n'est pas comme vous pensez, avez confiance en moi!

    Could "faites" work also instead of avez?


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    "Le Québec n'est pas comme vous l'imaginez, croyez-moi !"
    would, I think, work better in this instance.

    Pity though, as I imagined Quebec to be a great place... ;)
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