avoir les défauts de ses qualités

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  1. fandenickylarson Senior Member

    Could I translate this expression by 'having the drawbacks of its qualities'? Does it work?
  2. Novanas Senior Member

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    I've done a bit of googling, and I only get two hits for "the drawbacks of its qualities". I get a few for "the flaws of its virtues". 6400 hits for "the defects of its virtues." I personally like "the shortcomings of its virtues", but there's only two hits there. That's all the possibilities I can think of for the moment, so I think the verdict is clear.
  3. fandenickylarson Senior Member

  4. jlvlacroix New Member

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    Entendu dans le film "Our brand is crisis" : A man's strengths flow from the same well as his weaknesses.
    Je trouve ça plaisant.
  5. Itisi

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    En effet, jlvlacroix !

    'the defects that correspond to our/its qualities'?

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