avoir l'esprit de géométrie


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What does "avoir l'esprit de géométrie" mean? here is the context:

Un accident de la route venait de faire trois morts et l'information radiophonique disait : " Accident sur la Nationale 7. Trois morts. L'une des victimes n'avait pas attaché sa ceinture de sécurité. Comme j'ai l'esprit de géométrie j'en ai déduit que les deux autres l'avaient attachée ..."

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    I fully agree.

    In this case the author refers to the mathematical / logical / symmetrical aspect of geometry. Since they say that one of the victims didn't buckle it, I deduct that the other victims did.


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    The French philosopher Pascal defined two fundamental "spirits" of thought. The "spirit of geometry" was the calculating and deductive kind, while the "esprit de finesse" (spirit of finesse) was immediate intuition without proofs or verification. The author is saying he is of the rational and deductive kind, which is why he goes on to emphasize that he deduced the other two passengers had buckled their seat belts.


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    Quite right, prosopopeia. Welcome to the forum!

    Rendered "mathematical mind" and "acute mind" when I studied it, and "mathematical mind" also makes a nice Spoon reference.

    "Being of mathematical mind, I deduced ... "