avoir mal au cœur + related expressions

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    avoir mal au coeur

    As I understand it, "avoir mal au coeur" means "to have a stomach ache" or "to be nauseous," right?

    Can "avoir mal au coeur" be used interchangably with "avoir mal au ventre" and/or "avoir mal à l'estomac"?

    How would someone express that they are having heart pain / chest pain? As in a possible heart attack?

    Finally, how would you express having a broken heart?

    Merci d'avance! :)
  2. ptite_nala Member

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    "avoir mal au coeur" only means to be nauseous, so you can not use "avoir mal au ventre" or "avoir mal a l'estomac" but you can use "avoir des nausées"
    To express having a heart pain, I would say "avoir une douleur au niveau du coeur". You can also say "avoir mal au coeur" but you will have to explain that you are not nauseous in this case because people will think that you are.

    And to finish, having a broken heart could be both "un chagrin d'amour" (but you can't say "avoir un chagrin d'amour" it doesn't sound very good) or "avoir le coeur brisé" !

    any questions ?
  3. DearPrudence

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    I think I rather use "j'ai mal au cœur" when I'm car/sea/ ... sick.
    "j'ai mal au ventre" rather when it's hurting me because I've eaten too much.

    Hmm, I would say something like:
    "J'ai une douleur dans la poitrine" (rather strong)

    J'ai le cœur brisé :)
    But I think you can also say:
    "Ça me fait mal au cœur de le voir dans cet état"
    it pains me to see him like that
  4. macdevster

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    That helps so much! Merci mille fois!

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