avoir son propre coucou

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  1. twinsen Senior Member


    What does it mean? "To have his own timetable" or "to be insane"?

    Thank you
  2. moustic Senior Member

    near Limoges, Fr.
    British English
    No context?
  3. CarlosRapido

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    Québec - Canada
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    'coucou' est un euphémisme pour petit avion - on parle probablement d'un proprio d'avion léger.
  4. jetset

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    With no context I understand to have its own aeroplane :)

    Edit : the sole link with Time would be a cuckoo clock...
  5. twinsen Senior Member

    Yeah, sure. But I'm not quite certain that it would be of any particular help.

    Two guys were trying to hitch a ride on a plane that delivers mail. But it comes and goes only every two days. So they decide to try a different tack. Local boy tells them about a doctor who's got his own plane what he uses to get to his emergency patients:

    "Le médecin qui vient quand quelqu'un tombe gravement malade, il a son propre coucou"

    That's what he said

    Yes, I guess aeroplane works!
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