Avoir un petit creux

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  1. Marcewa Senior Member

    France / French

    If I am a bit hungry and want to eat something, how should I express it?

    In French, I would say "J'ai un petit creux". Is there a similar expression in English? (except " I am a bit hungry" of course :) )


  2. mapping Senior Member

    Lille, France
    France, French
    I feel a bit peckish :)
  3. francophone Senior Member

    small cravings??
  4. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    I'm feeling peckish -- strictly BE though

    AE would just say, "I'm starting to get a bit hungry" or
    "I wouldn't mind having a bite of something"
  5. fuzzy22

    fuzzy22 New Member

    United States
    English & Chinese
    As wildan1 said, I would translate "J'ai un petit creux" as "I wouldn't mind having a bite." Haha, although I guess this is a late posting.
  6. oui-yes New Member

    you say "feeling peckish"
  7. williamc Senior Member

    england english

    "I have the hunger knocks."
  8. oui-yes New Member

    Never heard that one before, is it slang?
  9. williamc Senior Member

    england english
    Hi oui-yes

    Just a family saying I guess!
  10. GrainneG New Member

    English- Ireland
    We say "I'm feeling a bit peckish" in Ireland too!
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  11. ChicagoGal New Member

    English (USA)
    I would say "I have the munchies". "To munch" is similar to "to snack" or "to nibble".

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