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    Someone can explain what is an award in the magazine context?
    It seems like a Press jargon.

    I'm learning about a specific aspect of the magazine which evaluate and give an opinion or the award after testing the new product.
    we can often see theses kind of 'grade/ rating/ stars/ review/ recommandation' etc. on the magazine or web site.
    The consumer can refer it before the purchase or choice.

    1./ ...... (name of brand and product) digital camera got an award, ‘Gadget of the Day’ by B...... (name of magazine) magazine in France.
    2./ The.......(name of product) digital cameras got 5 star awards on T3 May edition.

    my confusion:
    too many vocabularies and terms are all mixing in my head. So I will write down below each item of terms that I want to find out in both languages. So correct me and fil the blank please.
    review>>>>>>>>>>? (evaluation/critique)
    recommandation>>> recommandation

    I try to figure out 2 things:
    1/what is definition of 'award' in the context that I explained?
    2/ what is the best translation of award to french?

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    It's a prix or récompense awarded (remis) by the publication in question.

    Does that answer your question?
  3. parisfr Member

    thanks cropje jnr,

    you mean, award in french is 'prix' or 'récompense' ?

    can i say also 'prize' in english?

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