1. ensoie Senior Member

    English, Hindi
    Context : This is a sentence in a university degree certificate

    ENglish : This is to certify that Ms. XYZ Son/Daughter of Mr . ABC who was a student at ABCD Institute of Science & Technology, has completed all the requirements and has become eligible for award of the degree of B.E.

    My try in French : Ceci est pour certifier que Mlle. XYZ fils / fille de M. ABC qui était étudiante à ABCD Institute of Science & Technology a rempli toutes les exigences et est devenue éligible pour l’attribution du diplôme de la licence en ingénierie

    Is this sentence correct..especially the translation of "award" ?
  2. NemoNobody

    NemoNobody Senior Member

    France métropolitaine
    French - France
    We would say rather "l'obtention du diplôme".

    BTW, "Ceci est pour" does not sound very well in French, but I have nothing better at hand ...
  3. rolmich Senior Member

    french (France)
    Instead of "ceci est pour" I suggest :
    Cette attestation pour certifier que....

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