aware of him


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Is "aware of" fine in this context:

- I love her... But she has a boyfriend.
- Erm.. So you're aware of him?

Thanks. :)
  • Loob

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    Actually, Ptak, I'm not sure it is.

    So you're aware of that would work, meaning So you're aware of that fact.

    So you're aware of him would tend to imply "you're conscious of him" "you think about him a lot".

    Hope that makes sense:)


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    Yes, that's the meaning. I just want to know if my variant is possible. Thanks.
    I'm sorry...I thought you were looking for an explanation.

    Yes, to me you said it fine!

    Okay, I admit I would say "so you know about him"

    But that's just because of my "americanisms"
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