awareness of heart beat

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    Blood, heart and circulation: Problems with the pumping of your heart (heart failure) symptoms of which are swollen ankles, difficulty in breathing and palpitations (awareness of heart beat) or irregular beating of the heart, irregular or very fast or slow pulse.Increased numbers of white blood cells (leucocytosis).
    Source: Information Leaflet - Hidrokortizon
    What is meant ny "awareness of heart beat" please?
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    Normally you don't know that your heart is beating. If you can feel it, you are aware that it is beating. That's what palpitations are.
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    Some people are more sensitive than others and that can be related to all our senses. "Awareness of heart beat" means that a person can literally feel his/her own heartbeat. Usually these people are in a state of panic, or are in general extremely sensitive.

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