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¿Cómo traduciríais la siguiente frase?:

- We came away from the theatre/house/bus stop

Parece sencilla pero no termino de pillarle el sentido; salimos de, nos alejamos de, llegamos de, venimos de...

Y otra duda acerca preposiciones:

'A place off the map' es lo mismo que 'a place outside/out of the map'? ¿Es un lugar que no existe o es un lugar que no está en el mapa que yo p.ej. tengo delante de mi?

Muchas gracias!
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    In different contexts, “come away” could have different meanings. But in the sense that you are using it it means "salir de"

    A place "off the map" depends on the context. If you are talking about a physical map, then it is simple a place outside the map. But this is more often used figuratively to mean a place that has nothing of importance or interest, or perhaps a place that is very far away.


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    In certain contexts, yes it means to leave or to depart. It could also be used in a figurative sense, “I came away with the impression that” (me quedé con la impresión de que...) But it could have a lot of different meanings in other contexts.


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    How could I say: Seguir un sueño fuera de casa. Following a dream outside home, or maybe away from home?


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    Given your two options, I opt for the second one. It is difficult to make sense of your first option.
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