1. work in progress Member

    United States English

    I'm having trouble translating this sentence.

    Lower them to their full length and turn the slats to the closed position so the blind curves away from you.

    This is my translation, but it doens't sound right to me...any suggestions:
    Baje las persianas en toda su longitud y gire su tabilla hasta donde esté serrada para que la persiana se doble "lejos de usted."
  2. DCPaco Senior Member

    Planet Earth
    Spanish of Mexico/ English of the USA
    Away from you would be outward correct?

    My try:

    Hacia adentro = toward you
    hacia afuera = away from you
  3. Tige

    Tige Senior Member

    Spain (Català / Spanish)
    Baje las persianas en toda su longitud y gire las láminas hasta cerrarlas, de manera que se curven en la dirección opuesta a la suya.

    I don't like the last part. I understand what you mean (I suppose you talk about venetian blinds) but I can't find a better translation. Maybe you should wait for more answers!

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