1. Chispa123

    Chispa123 Senior Member

    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    USA English
    What would be the equivalent in Spanish of "awkward phrase." This suggests a phrase which could technically be correct but does not "sound" right.

    Gracias de antemano
  2. Andoush

    Andoush Senior Member

    Mallorca, Spain
    Spanish (Argentina)
    Yo diría "es una frase rara" o "es una oración extraña"...
  3. juandiego

    juandiego Senior Member

    Granada. España
    Spanish from Spain
    Hola chispa.
    Los adjetivos raro/a y extraño/a transmiten basicamente lo mismo que ese awkward.
    Frase/locución rara.
  4. Oldy Nuts

    Oldy Nuts Senior Member

    Santiago, Chile
    Spanish - Chile
    This matter has been discussed several times before. The answer really depends on context. If you are writing a report about a child who uses non elegant phrases, it would be more diplomatic to say "frases poco elegantes".

    See discussions linked here:


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