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Nousher Ahmed

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Would anybody like to help me to realize the following complicated sentences?

"By nine o'clock, Team Spirit descends into Get Damned Thing Done. All of us are now in the nursery, which is taking for ever, what with the way the woodwork keeps drinking primer, and a few people are getting a little testy, asking whose dumb idea was this anyway?

1) What is meant with "Get This Damned Thing Done."? In the paper from where I copied these sentences 'Get This ..... " are written in capital letter. Why?
  • ewie

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    English English
    "We started the task full of team spirit." Let's call this feeling [the] Team Spirit [feeling].
    "By nine o'clock we'd lost that team spirit and all we wanted was to get the damned thing done." Let's call this second feeling [the] Get Damned Thing Done [feeling].

    Does that help at all?
    They were enjoying working on the job as a team, but the job took longer and longer and got more difficult.
    So everyone started feeling (or saying)--see ewie, above-- "Let's just get the damn thing done."
    In other words, "This work's a terrible chore, so let's just do it and get it over with."
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