Venezuela (Español)
Hi everyone!!
I'm here, again!
I have a doubt, my english teacher says that "awkward" is (in spanish) uncommon, but in the diccionary It's embarrasing, clumsy...
Can awkward be "uncommon" too?
Help me, please!

And if I have any mistake in writing, let me know!
Thank you! :)


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Español de México
awkward = incómodo
uncomon = poco común

(persona) torpe, desmañado,-a

(cosa) incómodo,-a
(momento) inoportuno,-a
(situación) embarazoso,-a


miss sparkles

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How would you say awkward? I used the word torpe once, but a little girl told me it was a bad word. Is there a more appropriate way to say it?


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Did she mean torpe was vulgar? Because I don't think it is a vulgar word at all, maybe it was just used in the wrong context? I believe it means being clumsy more than it does to be awkward.
Hope I was of some help!