Axe-heads and Flint axe

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Considering the context herein, what would be the translation for flint axe and axe-heads please.

A flint axe was a tool used during prehistoric times to perform a variety of tasks. These were at first just a cut piece of flint stone but later handles were attached to these axe heads. The stone exhibits a glass-like fracture similar to obsidian, and can be knapped to form large blades. The offcuts were sharp enough to be used a small knives, while the larger parts of a knapped nodule could be polished to form an axe-head. They were widely used during the Neolithic period to clear forests for farming.
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    "flint axe" désigne a priori une hâche primitive, simplement constituée d'un morceau de silex grossièrement taillé.

    Quant à "axe-head(s)", ce sont les têtes des hâches évoluées, qui seront par la suite équipées d'un manche, etc.

    Il a existé d'innombrables modèles, chacun portant un nom spécifique !
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