ayudante de cocina + repostería + soltera


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i'm making my C.V. in english and it's so difficult because when i'm looking for some specific words i don't found it.
like ayudante de cocina: assistant? chef assistant?
reposteria: desserts= postres, repostery?
can somenone help me? thanks
ah! and soltera is unmarried? or single woman?
thanks again

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    Welcome to the forum, Marian27!
    Let's see:
    -Ayudante de cocina: Assistant to the cook/the chef sounds fine.
    -Soltera: Single/Unmarried (I would choose single!)
    This is from WordReference:
    repostería f
    1 (oficio) confectionery, pastrymaking, baking pastries: me gusta cocinar, pero no se me da bien la repostería, I like to cook but I'm not good at pastrymaking
    2 (establecimiento) confectioner's (shop), bakery
    3 (productos) confectionery

    Good luck with your CV!



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    spain, balearic islands
    thanks... i hope in a few days i'll use better this page, i recently discovered and it's a fantastic tool.

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