ayudar a salir un estudiante que tenía miedo

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  1. LlamaTrauma Member

    I'm translating a paragraph to English and I'm a little confused about the usage of salir in this sentence

    Nuestra maestra se arriesgó para volver al edificio y ayudar a salir un estudiante que tenía miedo.

    Our teacher risked herself (her own safety) to return to the bulding and help rescue/save? a student that was afraid.

    It had previosly been stated that there was a fire.

  2. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    "to help a frightened student get out/escape"

    That's the idea anyway; there may be a better translation.
  3. aztlaniano

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    Soy Yo is right.
    Maybe the syntax threw you off. Get rid of "que tenía miedo" and you could write it:
    ...para ayudar a un estudiante a salir. = to help a student to leave (get out of the building).
  4. LlamaTrauma Member

    yeah, it was the context that threw me off

    ¡Gracias Mucho por la ayuda!

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