1. lazarus78 Senior Member

    Sarajevo - BiH
    Spain - Spanish
    My dears, can any of you just check if the following text is correct? Mainly in doubt with the "of" before "Lent". Thanks!

    "Carnaval is the period of partying just before the 40 fasting days of Lent"
  2. fuzzzylogix

    fuzzzylogix Senior Member

    aspacameur/english 1st, spanish 2nd
    I would say:

    Carnaval is the period of FESTIVITIES just before the 40 days of fasting/penitence of Lent.
  3. David

    David Banned

    Carnival is the period of (partying is informal; festivities more formal; either is correct) preceding the 40 days of fasting (penitence is correct, but not in the original) during Lent.
  4. lazarus78 Senior Member

    Sarajevo - BiH
    Spain - Spanish
    Thank you both!!!

    I will use "partying" because goes better with the context. So, "during" instead of "of".

    And yes, of course, carnIval... my god!!!

    Gracias, folks!

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