1. AlbertoG Member

    UK - English
    Hello All:

    Can someone help me translate the word "az" into English? I've seen it in a few places....especially disney songs.

    Aladdin/Un mundo ideal: "Soy como un az de luz que lejos va, y nunca ya podrá volver atras..."

    There is also in Hercules "él es el as de gladiadores"...is "as" a different word from "az"?

    I also just see "az/as de luz" a lot. Would someone mind helping with translation?

  2. fuzzzylogix

    fuzzzylogix Senior Member

    aspacameur/english 1st, spanish 2nd
    i think it's "haz" = a beam of light (in this case) and "as" is ace...
  3. Cleotis

    Cleotis Senior Member

    Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
    Spanish (Castellano)
    Yes, as is one thing, and "haz" (with h) is onother thing.
    Haz de luz= Shaft
    As= Ace

  4. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    The correct word is 'haz' in Spanish, and the translation is 'beam' (ray of light). Now, we would say that Hercules is an 'ace' or 'champion'.

  5. AlbertoG Member

    UK - English
    Thanks all! That makes a lot more sense. Just one thing...when you say someone is the "as de (algo)" does it mean that they are the "best" at that?

    And also...another disney phrase... "la estrella azul"--what meaning does this idiom have?

  6. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    Not that I know. For me it is 'the blue star'.
  7. aceituna

    aceituna Senior Member

    Leiden (Netherlands)
    Madrid (España) - castellano
    Yes the "as" is the best.

    I don't know that the phrase "la estrella azul" has any special meaning... it's just "the blue star". Maybe within a specific context it can have other meaning...
  8. luscinda Member

    La estrella azul is not an idiom, you can translate it as la estrella azul
  9. AlbertoG Member

    UK - English
    Thank you!!!

    I think I understand everything, except "the blue star": here's the context:

    Ha nacido una estrella azul
    Desde hoy la ves
    Todo se ilumina con su luz
    Es Hércules

    Why do they say that "a blue star has been born"? What meaning does this convey to native Spanish speakers? Or does it make just as little sense as it does in English?

    Thanks again,
  10. luscinda Member

    It makes just as little sense in Spanish as it does in English, and I shiould say it has been written just to fit the original music and lyrics.
  11. AlbertoG Member

    UK - English
    Thank you fuzzylogicx, luscinda and everyone else who gave me an answer!

    Have a nice week,

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