azaña [hazaña] increíble

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    I've come across this sentence, and I can't for the life of me work out what "azaña" means. The context here is a story about a young man telling his friend of his nefarious and ingenious plot to kill one of parents. The plot fails, and through a sheer twist of fate, his parent manages to survive his attempt. The young man explains how she surived, and exclaims to his friend, "¿No es una azaña increíble?".

    If anyone would be able to shed any light on the meaning of the word "azaña", that would be an amazing help!

    Thanks :)
  2. Metzaka

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    "Mexican Spanish"
    Hazaña=heroic deed
  3. ¿No sería hazaña?
    It means something really difficult, a feat.
  4. maitlandsaz New Member

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    Thank you that makes so much more sense - it must have been an error on the original author's part, and he has forgotten to put the 'h' in "hazaña".

    Thanks for your help, v much appreciated!
  5. Pinairun

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    It's "hazaña".

    May be he considers "hazaña" as an achievement.

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