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    I've never studied Azeri, so all this comes from knowledge of Turkish and Google Translate. Any Azeri speakers willing to correct?

    What most confuses me is the use of "ki" in the song. If "ki" introduces relative clauses, what's it doing at the end of questions?


    Bir yozulmaz röya var. An unwritten rhyme -- isn't yazmaq to write-- then why yoz here?
    Mənim olsan nə olar ki, If you would be mine,
    Bu çalınan nə kamandır, This stolen …
    Ürəyimin telləri. My heart is in threads
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    azerbaijani, georgian
    "ki" here on question, goes like "so what" -"what if"

    yozullmaz- unexplainable
    roya- dream
    ureyimin telleri-strings of my heart

    calinan- here is "played" it's an omonym same letters-word-pronounciation "calmaq" means to play, and "calinan kaman" is a kaman (azeri musical intrument) which is being played
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  3. Qafqaz

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    röya yozmaq - dream analysis, dream interpretation
    yozulmaz röya - uninterpretable dream

    çalmaq - play (musical instrument), in azeri çalmaq means play musical instrument. and in colloquial speak, means also blow job.

    kaman - musical instrument's name. so çalınan kaman means played kaman. This instrument has special sound, as if crying, moaning human.

    so here, autor associate his heart (ürək) with kaman.
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    Assuming it works like the same particle in Turkish, this line literally means 'if you were mine what would happen?' The ki makes the question more forceful - ne olar ki would mean something like 'what could go wrong? how bad could it be?'
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    Ki here is used as Postposition, to make more stronger the meaning.

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