azioni possessorie e di denuncia di nuova opera

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  1. Puccini Senior Member

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    Hello there. Can anyone help with this phrase from a list in a power of attorney document: "esercitare azioni possessorie e di denuncia di nuova opera"? Perhaps "possessory action and claims regarding disturbance of possession"?
  2. johngiovanni

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    You probably need an Italian with legal knowledge. Could "denuncia" here be "notification" or "registration" of new actions. "Esercitare" perhaps "have control of". Are "azioni possessorie" some form of shares? (Possibly not - see There is a passage here which may help: I think it means "have control of wardship" - act as a ward - someone who has a kind of "guardianship" role.
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  3. elemika Senior Member

    Maybe, the Italian Civil Code could help?
    Title Nine. Denunciation of New Work and Feared Damage (Articles 1171-1172)
    The translation is here:
    Denunciation of new work (denuncia di nuova opera) is aimed at preventing dangers or limitations in the enjoyment of property resulting from activities undertaken by others on the neighbour’s property. The action cannot be instituted if the work is completed or if more than one year has elapsed from its commencement.
    Denunciation of feared damage (denuncia di danno temuto) is aimed at preventing the risk of serious and immediate damage originating from a building, tree or other things already existing in the neighbour’s property. Both actions can be brought by the owner or the holder of another real right of enjoyment or by the possessor of the property affected by the new activity or the risk of the feared damage
    The comment see here, p.150

    So, in your context there are various types of actions: possessory actions, actions of denunciation of new work ...

    There should be an expert to tell you if "claims regarding disturbance of possession" is the correct English equivalent here

  4. Puccini Senior Member

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    Thanks for replying Elemika. However, I don't find many hits for 'denunciation of new work' and in English it doesn't seem to be in common usage. I find a few more for 'declaration of new work', although it still doesn't really convince me. I think there must be a proper legal term in English but I certainly don't know it... are there any legal experts out there?
  5. ossicini New Member

    Hi, I'm an italian with good legal knowledge (and with bad English knowledge!!).

    I can try to explain the meaning of esercitare azioni possessorie e di denuncia di nuova opera, but I think there's no English word to express it and you'll need a periphrasis.
    It's hard to traslate it, because in Italy possession, real estate and property are VERY different things, protected by special actions; instead I think in English and American world they are almost the same thing.

    Azioni possessorie e denucia di nuova opera are both two kind of actions, of judgements.
    I think "to bring a possessory action" or "possessory judgement" is a good way to express "azioni possessorie"; but "claims regarding disturbance of possession" is not ok if you mean "denuncia di nuova opera": denuncia di nuova opera does not regard only possession, but property and other real estaes, too; and it's another kind of action even if it seems to be a kind of claim (denuncia).

    So, we can just try to traslate "Denuncia di nuova opera" by a periphrasis.
    It may be an "action/judgement to prevent damages to one's property or real estate, coming from another one's new work".

    That's to say the whole phrase may be: to bring possessory actions and actions to prevent damages to one's property or real estate, coming from another one's new work.

    I hope I was clear... my English is not good, sorry!
  6. elemika Senior Member

    Ciao, Ossicini! :)
    E si puo' dire che la denuncia di nuova opera appartiene alle azioni di nunciazione? (per es. qui)
    Ha a che fare con "Tort of nuisance" inglese?
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  7. Tellure

    Tellure Senior Member

    Non so se hai già consultato
    Non so se è quello che cerchi e se può essere utile per la tua traduzione.

    Edit: Ho appena letto il post di elemika... sembrerebbero la stessa cosa, ma la traduzione qui è diversa...
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  8. ossicini New Member

    Quella del tort of nuisance è una categoria molto ampia di illeciti civili. Certamente le turbative al possesso e il fatto che la nuova opera di qualcuno minacci la mia proprietà rientrano in questa categoria, ma di certo non l'esauriscono.

    La denuncia di nuova opera è una delle due azioni di nunciazione previste dall'ordinamento italiano. Sono azioni di diritto civile, con le quali si vuole tutelare chi vede il proprio possesso/proprietà/diritto reale minacciato o da una nuova opera ("denuncia di nuova opera") o da un'opera preesistente che magari stia crollando o degenerando in qualche modo ("danno temuto").

    Quanto alle definizioni postate da tellure:
    - quella in italiano di denuncia di nuova opera è abbastanza corretta, però occorre sostituire le parole "azione civile" alla parola "denuncia"
    - quella in inglese di azione di nunciazione, invece, non è giuridicamente precisa... forse in inglese si potrebbe piuttosto dire che le azioni di nunciazione sono
    actions to prevent damages to one's possess, property or real estate, coming from another one's new work or another one's preexistent thing. the aim of these actions is to obtain a sentence which obliges the adverse party to remove the cause of the danger.
  9. elemika Senior Member

    Thank you for the perfect explanation!
    Well, could we say "Nuisance claims against new constructions / works" here (I mean, azioni di denuncia di nuova opera) ?
    Or maybe better "nuisance action against..."?
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  10. Puccini Senior Member

    English- British
    Thank you all for input. I am not really convinced by nuisance as opposed to disturbance and I can't really provide a lengthy explanation, so. I think I'm going for something along the lines of "to bring possessory action and file disturbance of possession claims

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