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My question is really about the meaning of this sentence rather than specifically the meaning of bénéficier here:

Cela implique notamment un travail de comparaison des pratiques qui bénéficie de leur hétérogénéité et une recherche des facteurs explicatifs de cette diversité.

My attempt:

This requires, notably, a comparison between practices that is enriched by their sheer diversity and a study to find out why such diversity exists.

Is travail de comparaison the subject of bénéficie, and does leur hétérogénéité refer to the hétérogénéité of the practices?

Is it me, or is this sentence hard to understand?
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    Cool. Thanks, Mauricet.

    I don't know, but it seems weird that a comparison can "benefit" from the fact that things are different. Isn't that what a comparison is all about? Or does it just mean that the comparison will be more interesting because the elements being compared are so different?
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