béton armé - DCD, CIS, CSE


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Hi, can anybody help me with this technical translation to english. I got these texts from a structural drawing of a slab.
The part that i don't understand are the terms CII, CIE, DCD, CIS, CSE .. I guess it has to be something with top, bottom, centers but i can't figure it out correctly.

DALLE B.A e=20cms
5/8 ∅ @ 25 CII C.I.E
1/2 ∅ @ 25 D.C.D / C.I.S

1/2 ∅x4.50 @ 25 CSE

Thanks in advanced
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    I'm not a specialist in civil engineering, but here is what I can guess:

    Dalle béton armé, épaisseur = 20 cm
    5/8 d'inch de diamètre @ ?
    1/2 inch de diamètre @ Structure du béton DCD (déchargé-chargé-déchargé) / CIS ? (likely a kind of cement)

    1/2 inch de diamètre × 4.50 mètres (or 'feet'?) @ ?


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    Peru - spanish
    Thanks Maitre Capello
    yes, the diameters are 5/8" and 1/2", spaced every 25 cm.
    But the terms "CII, CIE, DCD, CIS, CSE" has to be related with top(superior), bottom(inferior), centers or directions ... any guess??
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