Bíblia De Estudo

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Hi all,
I am learning this phrase "Bíblia De Estudo." When look it up in the dictionary, I saw "Estudo" can be a noun and a verb, so I am not sure "Bíblia De Estudo" is "Bible study" or "study the Bible"? Could anyone help me with this question? Thank you.
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    'Estudo' is a noun in that particular case. It can't be a verb because it's introduced by the preposition 'de'. If introduced, it could only be a verb in a particular case: if the verb were in the infinitive mode ('Bíblia de estudar' which would then have the same meaning as 'Bíblia de estudo' - Bible (used) for studying). In that case 'estudar' is actually a verbal noun.
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    bíblia de estudo: versão (sugerida) da bíblia, para estudo? Bible for studying ou Study Bible
    estudo da bíblia: Bible study ou Study of the Bible
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