bœuf-carottes (Police des Polices)

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  1. Poncho92 Member

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    I would like to know what it's the tanslation for the familiar expression "boeuf carottes" (GB and US) which means "Police des Polices"?
    Could you help me?
  2. Foxynet Senior Member

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  3. Poncho92 Member

    French - France
    Thank you!
  4. sampat1running Senior Member

    in the context it seems to mean, Internal security, spies etc, the origin puzzles me and i can find it nowhere
  5. ThisIsWar Member

    English - Australia
    Maybe give some more info on where you saw this? Boeuf-carottes is also a recipe.
  6. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
  7. florence a Senior Member

    It means (but I don't know the exact English word, maybe: internal affairs) the police department that investigates or controls other police departments.
    I have no idea where and how that phrase originated
  8. myriamn Senior Member

    Haifa, Israel
    Cela signifie la police des polices (IGS Inspection générale de services).

    Il existe deux origines:

    dans le film "Les flics", on voit qu'un policier qui a été mis à pied
    ne peut plus se permettre qu'un boeufs-carottes.

    dans le film "Les ripoux", la police des polices laisse mijoter le policier coupable, comme on fait mijoter le plat "boeuf-carottes".
  9. sampat1running Senior Member

    Thank you tous!
  10. akaAJ Senior Member

    New York
    American English, Yiddish
    It has much wider application, as sampat originally suggested, as inspectors or auditors who might arrive at specified or unanounced times, in any organization. In one example I know of, someone who inspects the leisure/vacation activities at the EDF.

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