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It annoys me how after (see above) the text appears in bold and underlined, respectively, in phonological issues. How can I avoid it? Is there any chance you can change it?

Thank you.
  • Peterdg

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    Yes. You can surround them with [PLAIN] and [/PLAIN]

    This is what you would get without the "PLAIN"s:

    This is a sentence.

    and this is what I typed:

    This is [b] a sentence.

    This is with the "PLAIN"'s:

    This is [b] a sentence

    and this is what I had to enter to obtain the above sentence:

    This is [PLAIN] [b] [/PLAIN] a sentence.
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    Hi. Can you please explain? I'm not understanding.
    If you want to write phonetic symbols between brackets ([b] and [s] in this case), the forum interprets them as opening BBCode tags and makes all the following text bold or crosses it out. I asumme that also happens with [i].

    Like Peterdg said, @Diamant7, you can surround them with [plain] tags, like this, and problem solved:



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    Or simply add a space on either side: both [b ] and [ b] show up as intended, without converting the following text to bold.

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    You can also use [noparse] and [/noparse].

    For instance:
    [i] [b]

    You can quote my post to see what I did :D


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    I just checked. [NOPARSE] was the code in the vBulletin days. Xenforo's equivalent is [plain].

    They both work and probably will continue to work. Someday, I might replace all of the NOPARSE codes in the old threads with PLAIN, but it makes little sense to do that.
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