Ba-Boom! There Goes Your Hearing


The expression "Ba-Boom! There Goes Your Hearing" appears to have opposite meanings:

(1) It refers to "Bang! Your hearing is lost!"
(2) It means "Wow! Your hearing is back, running again!"

Which one is correct?

Ba-Boom! There Goes Your Hearing
New discoveries offer hope for noise-induced hearing loss
The most common injury to American troops is silent and invisible. And I don't mean PTSD: hearing loss and tinnitus—ringing in the ear—top the list of service-related disabilities for veterans. They are an unsung consequence of prolonged exposure to roaring environments, such as the deck of an aircraft carrier, or, increasingly, to the sudden blast of a roadside bomb.

-Scientific American

Source:Ba-Boom! There Goes Your Hearing
  • owlman5

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    This should refer to the loss of hearing rather than the recovery of hearing, NA. "Ba Boom!" seems to be the author's way of referring to the loud noise of an explosion. "There goes your hearing" can only refer normally to a sudden loss of hearing.
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