1. Angelheart Member

    Hi!! Can anybody help me please?
    What does BA (Hons) mean?
    Does it have something to do with a BA with honours? But what exactly is in the UK a BA with Honours?
    Here in Argentina it is when your performance during your studies is excelent and in accordance with some parameters of excellence established, is it the same in the UK?

    Thanks a lot for your time!!!
  2. Santiago Jorge

    Santiago Jorge Senior Member

    English, USA
    I don't know exactly what it would be in the UK, but in the USA that is what it would mean (though we would spell it "honors").
  3. hjp88 Member

    New York, NY
    English - USA
    I'm from the US, but BA certainly means Bachelor Degree in the Arts (from a college). Hons probably means the person graduated with honors.
  4. hjp88 Member

    New York, NY
    English - USA
    Bachelor Degree in the Arts doesn't necessarily mean the person studied art or music. The term encompasses degrees in economics, literature, history, pschology, mathematics and more. However, a person who majored in the sciences usually has a Bachelors Degree in Science.
  5. hjp88 Member

    New York, NY
    English - USA
    Bachelors Degrees aren't as difficult to get as a Masters Degree or a Docterate. In the US, it usually takes four years of college. I don't know what is required in the UK.
  6. maxikiosco Member

    Sevilla, Spain
    English - UK
    After you graduate from a undergraduate university course in the UK (normally three years), you can show this by putting letters after your name but these letters are different depending on the type of course you studied. If it is an art based course the graduate is described as a Bachelor of Arts (BA). Hjp88 rightly states that this includes no just art but all humanities e.g. economics, history, languages. If it is a science based course the graduate is a Bachelor of Science (BSc), again this doesn't just include chemistry and biology but also mechanical engineering, physiotherapy, etc.

    A course in history might be described as 'a BA' in order to show that it was at undergraduate level and not masters level (this would be 'a MA').

    If John Smith graduate with a degree in music history he would have the right to refer to himself as 'John Smith BA'. If he had a degree in biology he would be 'John Smith BSc'. Some courses allow the option to study for a BA or a BSc, for example my brother studies Music Technology, everyone does the same classes in first year but then they have to specialise, either in music history and theory (the BA option) or in the technical side of music production (the BSc option).

    (Hons) just means that the degree has been passed with honours, most students who finish courses achieve this unless they have a poor mark.

    Just a small insight into the UK University system, hope it helps!
  7. jaimichu Senior Member

    København, DK
    Spanish / Spain
    It does help maxikiosco!

    Many thanks for the explanation!

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