BA Peronists to launch "Draft Duhalde" campaign in province

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    BA Peronists to launch "Draft Duhalde" campaign in province (published in Buenos Aires Herald)


    Could you tell me the meaning of Draft Duhalde.
    Eduardo Duhalde was the caretaker president until the elections that chose our present President Kirchner.

    The paper goes on like this: "A group of Peronist leaders in the province of Buenos Aires yesterday promised to launch a "Draft Duhalde" to woo their party leader, former caretaker.... etc."

    Thanks a lot for your answer

  2. araceli Senior Member

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    Esta es la definición que está en el diccionario de este sitio:

    draft [dr?:ft]

    I nombre
    1 borrador, anteproyecto
    2 Com letra de cambio, cheque
    3 US llamamiento a filas
    draft dodger, el que elude el llamamiento a filas, insumiso
    4 US ? draught

    II verbo transitivo
    1 hacer un borrador de: let's draft a contract, hagamos un borrador de contrato
    2 US Mil reclutar: he was drafted at eighteen, le reclutaron a los dieciocho años

    -- Source: Diccionario Espasa Concise © 2000 Espasa Calpe
  3. duder Senior Member

    In the US (and, apparently in other places as well, given this example) it has become popular to use the verb "draft" to mean "recruit" or "convince to run (in an election)" when talking about politics.

    I think that this has a lot to do with the fact that major political candidates often have had some sort of military past. When someone is drafted into the military, they are called upon to serve and to do their "patriotic duty" of defending the country. Thus, one can see the parallels when this is used in a political context.

    To give some other examples, former US general Wesley Clark announced his candidacy in the Democratic presidential primary elections after a "Draft Clark" campaign; similarly, there was a "Draft Kerry" movement at one point as well.
  4. casehi Member

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    Araceli: of course, previously I had looked up in the dictionary all the word's meanings (for me the most common are "a draft paper", "an air draft"
    None of them explained the sense of the sentence.

    Duder gives me the solution because Duhalde is reluctant to run for senator and his supporters are trying to convince him.

    Thanks both for you kind and quick replay (don't hesitate to correct my English)

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