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    Is a בעל-compound which modifies a noun grammatically an adjective (so it takes a definite article when the noun is definite)? When do you use a baal-compound? I only know it translates to "with/of something" and using עם instead of בעל there is wrong...

    In other words do you say "האוויר בעל הטמפרטורה הנמוכה"?
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    I don't see a problem using that construct. Specifically in your example it might sound odd because you can simply substitute it for קר. But let's take this sentence: החומר בעל המסיסות הגבוהה ייקשר בעוד שהחומר בעל המסיסות הנמוכה ישקע. It's totally fine.
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    "baal" is a noun which is often used as nismach for both nouns and adjectives to denote various properties, and as such, it follows all the relevant smikhut rules. Mind however, that many "baal-" compounds are considered "smikhut kvula" so they are used as if they were a single word and not a as a somekh-nismakh.
    The meaning of "baal" depends on the somekh, but if we compare it with other popular nismachim such as "beyt-" ("house of-"), it means "that is-"/"that has-"/"that owns-".
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    Hi trigel,

    You sould note that we mostly use בעל- as a formal or literary expression.

    It may sound a bit jarring if you use it in a "normal" conversation.

    There is the conjunction: בעל-המכולת; בעלת חנות הצילום; הבעלים של הפאב which is rife in both written and spoken language, but that's hardly the same.
    It means the owner of... of course.

    בעל could be replaced with either: שיש לו or עם ה
    The same goes for בעלת: either שיש לה or עם ה

    "The blue-eyed girl" as a book title could be: הילדה בעלת העיניים הכחולות
    But in speech: הילדה עם העיניים הכחולות

    The contestant who is most likely to win: המתמודד עם הסיכויים הגבוהים ביותר לנצח; המתמודד בעל הסיכויים הגבוהים ביותר לנצח

    She is looking for a black blouse with white collar.

    היא מחפשת חולצה שחורה עם צווארון לבן; היא מחפשת חולצה שחורה שיש לה צווארון לבן - very natural
    היא מחפשת חולצה שחורה בעלת צווארון לבן - formal

    ארצות הברית היא מדינה בעלת כושר הרתעה רב - Here it's fine because it's formal. There is no better option
    The U.S is a country with great deterrence.

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