babasıyla balık tutarken


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This is from a story about a girl who went fishing with her father

Güneşli bir sabah babasıyla balık tutarken Mori dedi ki..

I translated it as “One sunny morning, while fishing with her father Mori said…”
My question is about tutarken
At first I thought that tutarken is a noun meaning ‘fishing’ but I have not found it in the dictionary.
I guess it’s a form of tutmak – to grasp, but I don’t understand which one
-en makes me think of a gerund like
arabadan inen kızı – a getting out of a car girl. or a girl that have got out of a car
But there is no verb ‘tutark’ to add ‘en’ to it.
Well, could you explain me the grammar behind this word?
  • drowsykush

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    Merhaba dec-sev, to put it simply;


    o balık tutar = he catches fish

    iken = while

    balık tutar-ken (iken), not (en) or (tutark) = while catching fish