Babies “R” Us will give a “personal registry advisor”

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    Hi, would anyone please explain what Babies “R” Us will give a “personal registry advisor” means? Thanks!

    The context is from a book named Phishing for Phools.

    For some, this is an annual Christmas potlatch. For others, it occurs at rites of passage: such as weddings (where the wedding mags assure brides that the “average wedding” costs almost one half of annual per capita GDP)16; funerals (where the parlor director carefully lays out the caskets to induce the choice, for example, of the Monaco “with Sea Mist polished finish, interior richly lined in 600 Aqua Supreme velvet, magnificently quilted and shirred”)17; or births (where Babies “R” Us will give a “personal registry advisor”).
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    Babies 'R' Us is the name of a shop that sells baby-clothes, prams, cots etc. The “personal registry advisor” is a grand name for a sales person.
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    I'm not sure which parts you don't understand, so forgive me if I tell you things you already know.

    Babies "R" Us is a baby supply store, a branch of the toy store Toys "R" Us.

    A gift registry is a service in which (in this case) a parent (or expectant mother) tells the store what gifts she wants, and people can buy gifts from that list, which the store updates every time something is bought; this way, the mother doesn't get (for example) 17 bottle warmers and no blankets.

    A "personal registry advisor" (they actually call it a "Personal Registry Partner") is the employee who helps the mother fill out the list, and as Keith implies above, encourages the mother to list expensive items that will make the store lots of money.
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    Thank you both very much for thoroughly explaining all I wanted. I didn't know anything. We probably don't have those in China as I knew.

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