Baby, can you dig your man?

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“But bay-yay-yaby you can tell me if anyone can,
Baby, can you dig your man?
He’s a righteous man,
Tell me baby, can you dig your man?”

Source: Song by Self (and the stand by Stephen King)

You dig your man = you love your man, right? In what way? How different from can you love your man?

Thank you.
  • anthox

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    I suppose it could mean "love", but for me the sense of "dig" is less strong. Closer to, "are you attracted to your man?" or, "are you pleased with your man?"

    Incidentally, the phrase "to dig someone" is a kind of dated slang, associated with the 60s-70s.


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    There are two other not-really-current definitions of to dig, beyond "to like." Here's what the WR dictionary says:
    1. to understand: [~ + object] Can you dig that? [no object] I'll be there, you dig?
    2. to take notice of; look at carefully:[~ + object] Dig those shoes he's wearing.
    In this context, the first definition could fit.
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