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    I am working on a fiction story in which the father Asian American, Japanese to be specific. In my story he has a daughter that he often calls "baby girl" as a term of enderment. I thought it would be a unique addition to the story if he called her that in Japanese (as a nod to his heritage). I've found how each word would be pronounced (and written in Japanese) but I was wondering if that is how it would be said or if there is a phrase that would mean something similar.
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    Unfortunately there are no equivalent terms. Calling your kids or partner by certain nouns (baby, honey, sweetie, sunshine etc.) is not a common way in Japanese, so you should not translate them directly.

    Instead, we have several suffixes that imply a relationship between the speaker and another person. I think the best & the most common way to show endearment in this context is to add "-chan" after her first name or nickname.
    e.g. My little niece's name is Saori, and we often call her "Saori-chan" or "Sā-chan".
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    Thank you for the information. I wasn't certain and your information helped me out a lot.

    (By the way, if you hadn't put that English wasn't your native language, I'd never have known.)
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