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This evening on the BBC they reported on the current scarcity in the US of "baby milk powder", a term I had never heard before.

In the US this product is known universally as (infant) formula. Is that term also used in BE, or is baby milk powder really the only common term there?

(This previous thread seems inconclusive: formula = milk powder?)

Thanks for your advice.
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    Powdered baby milk is called formula in the UK too (including on the NHS website).

    But that doesn’t mean that terms such as baby’s milk or baby milk or baby-milk powder are obsolete.

    An entry in the OED:
    2005 Guardian 25 Jan. i. 8/3: Major Dan Taylor … denied he had ordered that the captives be ‘beasted’, ‘thrashed’ and forced to run for three miles with heavy boxes of baby milk powder on their heads.