Baby Talk Vocabulary

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  1. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    I remember French also use many words (bobo, zizi, bébé, chou-chou) made by duplication in children's language. I wonder what words you remember, maybe there are some similar words. Don't copy my list of words feel free to add your new words.

    father = papa
    mother = mama
    child = baba
    hurting spot on body = bibi
    to sleep = csicsikál (verb)
    faeces = kaka, kaki
    urine = pisi
    food = papi

    I can't remember more now.
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  2. Mahaodeh Senior Member

    Arabic and English
    In Arabic it can differ from place to place, but here's what we use for my nices:

    father: baba
    mother: mama
    child: dada (sometimes dadda)
    baby: nunu
    pain: wawa
    sleep: none that I know of
    faces: none that I know of
    food: num num, sometimes hum hum.
    urine: pipi

    cat: bisbis
    dog: 'aw'aw
    bird: tete
    grandma: teita, other grandma bibi
    dirt (any type, including poo): kakka
    dirt (meaning "dirty, don't touch): kikh
    danger (i.e. meaning beware you might get hurt): baw
  3. jazyk Senior Member

    Brno, Česká republika
    Brazílie, portugalština
    In Portuguese (at least in Brazil):

    father = papai
    mother = mamãe
    child = nenê/neném
    hurting spot on the body = dodói
    to sleep = nanar
    faeces = caca, cocô
    urine = pipi, xixi
    food = papá
  4. mcibor Senior Member

    In Polish

    father = tata (standard Polish)
    mother = mama (standard Polish)
    grandfather = dada or dziadzia (dziadek is proper)
    grandmother = baba (babcia is proper)
    cat = miau or kici

    e e = when child wants to poo
    siusiu = when child wants to pee
    brumbrum = car
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  5. Aoyama Senior Member

    川崎市、巴里 (黎)
    français Clodoaldien
    French :
    pan pan : a hit/smack on the buttocks
    cucul : rear end
    néné : breast
    lolo : milk /breast
    bobo : bruise
    tata : aunt
    tonton : uncle
    popo : anus
    caca, pipi
    dodo : sleep
    bibi : me
    zizi : penis

    Japanese :
    onéné : sleep
    chin chin (chin po) : penis
    oshikko : pipi
    buubuu : car
    (to be added ...)
  6. kusurija

    kusurija Senior Member

    Lithuania, K. city
    Lithuania Czech
    In Czech:

    father = táta
    mother = máma
    granmother = bába
    granfather = děda
    child = mimi
    hurting spot on body = bebí
    to sleep = áa - áa or dadu (verb: he/she sleeps = dadá)
    faeces = káka, káku, e-e (verb: he/she *** = kaká)
    urine = lulu
    food = papu, hamu
    drink = brmbrm
    train = š-š-š
    cat = čičí
    car = drrrn-drrrn
    silence! = psst or pššt

    In Lithuanian:

    father = tėtė
    mother = mama
    uncle = dėdė
    hurting spot on body = bebe
    to sleep = aa - aa
    faeces = kaka, kaku
    urine = sysiu
    food = papu
    breast = papas
    dog = au au
    cat = kic kic or kis kis
    silence! = ša, ša!
  7. New Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    In Argentina (some words can differ from family to family)

    father= papa
    mother= mama
    grandmother= nona
    grandfather= nono
    child= nena (girl), nene (boy)
    hurting spot on body= buba
    to got to sleep= hacer noni
    dog= babau
    cat= miau miau
    food= papa
    faeces= popo, caca
    urine= pipi, pichi
    a hit/smack on the buttocks= chas chas
  8. lcfatima Senior Member

    In a teapot
    English USA
    father: baba, abu
    mother: mama, ammi, amma
    maternal grandma: nani
    maternal grandpa: nana, nanu
    paternal grandma: dadi
    paternal grandpa: dadi, dadu
    to sleep: neendi karna
    dog: bao-bao, bobo
    cat: billi-miao, maano billi
    bird: chiya
    urine: shu-shu
    faeces: poti, hagga
    kiss: pappu, chummi
    milk: doodhoo
    food: num-num, happu
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  9. javier8907 Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    So "caca/kaka" seems to be rather universal. "food = papi" in Hungarian quite amazes me, as "papear" and "papeo" are coloquial words in Spanish for "to eat" and "food", presumably of gipsy origin. These are the words I can think of in Spanish.

    pupa - pain, or a hurting spot
    tas-tas - a hit/smack on the buttocks
    pitilín - penis
    tata - (a grandmother or another woman, for example a caretaker or houseworker, or perhaps a friend of the parents', with whom the child has certain affinity)
    lo-lo - sleep (in Basque speaking areas, but not necessary in Basque speaking families) mostly used as "a lo-lo" (example: "Vamos a lo-lo" - Let's go to sleep). "Lo" means "sleep" in Basque.
    chicha - meat, steak
    chichi - vagina (the adult variation on this is "chocho")
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  10. pandinorombante

    pandinorombante Senior Member

    Around Europe
    Italy - Italian
    In Italian:

    father = papà/papi
    mother = mamma/mami
    child = bebè
    hurting spot on the body = bua
    to go to sleep = andare a nanna
    faeces = pupù
    urine = pipì
    food = pappa

    cat: micio
    dog: cagnolino
    bird: uccellino
    dirt (any type, including poo): cacca
    vagina: farfallina
    penis: pisellino
  11. Hermocrates Senior Member

    Italian & British English (bilingual)
    A few in English (in particular words with reduplication)

    ma-ma, mami = mum, mother
    da-da, daddy = dad, father
    na-na = grandmother
    choo-choo = train
    bow-wow = dog
    lolly = sweets
    tummy = stomach, abdomen
    boo-boo = bruise (also: pain)
    wee-wee = penis (or urine)
    potty = toilet
    pee-pee = urine
    poo = faeces

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  12. Cyrcapu New Member

    France and french
    sans oublier le bi bi pour bisou, en langage enfantin, sinon el langage adulte le même bibi devient un chapeau.
  13. Cyrcapu New Member

    France and french
    pas trouvé autre moyen pour corriger ma faute de frappe.
  14. almufadado

    almufadado Senior Member

    Português de Portugal
    In Portugal-Portuguese :

    father = papá
    mother = mamã
    child = bébé
    hurting spot on the body = dóidói
    to sleep = óó
    faeces = cócó, pûpu
    urine = xixi, pipi
    food = pápa


    Grandmother = vóvó, vó, táta
    Grandfather = vôvô, vô
    Buttocks = tutu
    A slap on the buttocks = táutáu
    Penis = pirilau
    vagina = pipi
    Dirt = cáca
  15. valo__fan

    valo__fan Senior Member

    In Turkish:
    father = baba
    mother = anne
    child = bebe
    to sleep = e-e
    urine= çiş
    food = mama
    cat=pisi pisi
  16. elephas

    elephas Member

    Seattle, WA, US
    USA, Russian, English
    how come such important things as: pacifier, blanket, diaper - got left out?:confused:
  17. asnikola New Member

    I agree! I'll list what I've heard my cousins and friend's kids say.

    bottle= "ba-ba", "ma-ma"
    blanket= "bLankLet", "blanky"
    pacifier= "binky", "passy"

    blanket= "dei-dei"
    pacifier= "nu-nu"

    Please share more! :) I found this is a search and was hoping to find Russian baby-words.
  18. sakvaka

    sakvaka Senior Member


    father: isi
    mother: äiti
    baby: vauva (vaavi)
    faeces: kakka
    urine: pissa, pissi, pisu, pisi...
    dog: hauva
    buttocks: pylly
    penis: pippeli, kikkeli
    vagina: puppeli (pimppi, pimpsa...)

    This is very sophisticated thread, isn't it?
  19. Goddess Mystyxx Member

    Latin City of the South
    English / Chavacano / Spanish

    Father - papa
    Mother - Mami, Mama
    Baby - baby
    Grandfather - Lolo
    Grandma - Lola
    Bottle - Dede
    Eat (food) - papah
    Pee - wee wee
    Poop - poo poo
    Dog - aw aw
    Cat - mi ming / meow meow
    Pain - Yayay
    Penis - Tung tung, tu tu
    Vag - Pipi, kang kang
    Monsters - moo moo
    Cars - broom broom
    Sleep - Me me
    Water - wah wah
    Bath - Babat
  20. Black4blue

    Black4blue Senior Member

    Lol, baba means father in normal language of Turkish, not only in baby talk :D
  21. nuri148

    nuri148 Senior Member

    Frankfurt, Deutschland
    Argentina, Spanish
    Maybe because they were invented many, many years after language? Notice how many of these words are repeated with equal or similar meanings in very different languages: mama, papa, popo, pipi, [kaka], [ʒi.ʒi]... So it is, must have been, baby talk that created these words in the first place, simultaneously, worldwide. All define concepts that are critic to a baby: mom, dad, faeces, pain, hunger. A baby doesn't need to ask for a diaper: he just has to yell mama caca and the woman will know what to do. So the baby talk adaptations of dummies and nappies are likely reduced to familiar or regional scope, rather than being accepted part of coloquial language.

    Nono and nona are just Italian. Argentina received a huge inmigration wave from Europe, so second and third generation children are used to calling their grandparents with whatever familiar word used to that effect in the grandpa/ma's original language. Nono/a for Italian, yayo/a for certain regions of Spain, Opa/Oma for German, Zeide/Bove for Yiddisch... Most kids simply call them "abu" or "abue", short for abuelo/a.
  22. ancalimon Senior Member

    In Turkey two things come to my mind.

    Babies say "BWA" when they want water (SU in Turkish)

    Babies say "ATTA" when they understand that they are going somewhere. (AT means horse, ATTA means on the horse (?). I have no idea how they do it. We don't actually use horses anymore in Turkey. ) :)
  23. Perseas Senior Member

    In Greek (some that I can remember):

    father = baba(s) (also used in normal language)
    mother = mama (also used in normal language)
    food = mam
    baby = nini or bebis (for masc.) / beba (for fem.)
    sleep = nani
    car = toutou
    faeces = kaka
    urine = pipi
  24. Perseas Senior Member

    I remember having heard ATTA also in Greece as a baby talk meaning go out for a walk or a ride (by car).
  25. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    Father= Tah, Mother= Nah, Child= gol, Hurting spot- kit, to sleep= log, faeces= eh, urine- hi' and food= pa' or en
  26. arsham Senior Member

    Persian - Iran
    Few baby words in Persian:
    jiz=any thing harmful
  27. as1S0Yyo New Member

    English- America
    These are the English words. I worked with kids 6 mos-3 years for 3 years and have heard a lot of variations, and if they are exposed to Spanish some words they say in Spanish first probably because the vowels are easier to say

    Mom- mama
    Dad- Dada
    Bottle- Baba, Nana
    Blanket- Blankie
    Water- Wawa (if exposed to spanish they like to say Agua)
    Pacifier- Paci, Baba, Binkie
    Injury- Booboo, Ouchie
    Dog- Woofie, Doggy
    Cat- Kitty
    Poop- Poopies, poo poo, caca
    Pee- Teetee, peepee
    Penis- Peepee, weewee
    Sleep- Nye-nye

    As you can see in english it's usually the first syllable of a word said twice or with -ie added to it
  28. zoetsa Senior Member

    correcting n completeing Encolpius in Hungarian:

    father/grandfather = papa, papi
    mother/grandmother = mama, mami
    child = baba
    hurting spot on body = bibi
    to sleep = csicsikál, csucsukál, tentél, tentikél
    sleep = tentesit = csücsül, csücsükél
    faeces = kaka, kaki
    urine = pipi (pisi is a normal word)
    food = papi, hami
    belly = pocikutya = vauvau
    burp = büfi
    bottom/arse = popó
    trip/walking/away = tátá
    bye-bye = pápá
    beat (strafe) = dádá
    breast = cici (normal, too)
    train = csihuhu
    fart = puki
    drink = tütü (slang for alkoholic, too)
    tastful (food) = nyami
    penis = kuki
    vagina = nuni, nuna
    car = tütü (yes, the same as drink, its not so much used anymore)
    ambulance/police car/firemans' car + their siren = nénó > nénózik (verb)
    church/door bell = bimbam
    car siren sound = tűt-tűt, tütűt
    chicken = pipi
    horse = paci
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  29. zoetsa Senior Member

    Greek missing:

    tsoutsou, pouli (penis, other meanings in normal, too)
    bibelo/bibero (bottle, normal, too)
    pipila (pacifier, normal, too)
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  30. arsham Senior Member

    Persian - Iran
    Few other missing words I remember from the earliest years of my existence as a human being
    shambûl/dûdûl/bûbûl: willy (penis)
    dadar: outside
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  31. mask-13 Member

    (Latinized using Polish rules. Capital letter shows position of stress)

    мама - mAma - Mother. Used in adult speech as well, but not suitable for documents or scientific texts
    папа - pApa - Father. Used in adult speech as well, but not suitable for documents or scientific texts
    баба - bAba - Grandma. Have different meaning in adult speech (a woman, slightly vulgar)
    деда - diEda - Grandpa.
    тётя - tiOtia - A woman. In adult speech it means an aunt.
    дядя - diAdia - A man. in adult speech it means an uncle.
    кака - kAka - A shit, a dirt.
    бобо - bobO - a hurting spot.
    биби, бибика - bibI, bibIka - a car.
    няня - niAnia - a nanny.
    дай - daj - give me. This is a correct imperative of adult speech, but according to evidence of many people this is the first word that many babies say :)
    пипи, пис-пис - pipI, pis-pIs - to pee.
  32. Roksolana New Member

  33. Roksolana New Member

    In Ukrainian:
    Mother: мама (мамо!), ненька (ненько!), неня (нене!)
    Father: тат(к)о (тат(к)у!), нень(к)о (неньку! неню!)
    Grandma: бабуся (бабусю!), бабця (бабцю!)
    Grandpa: дід(усь) (діду(сю)!), дідо
    Uncle: дядько (дядьку!), стрийко (стрийку!) , вуйко (вуйку!)
    Aunt: тітка (тітко!) , тьотя (тьотю!) , тетя (тетю!) , дядина (дядино!)
    Nephew: нЕбіж (нЕбоже!)
    Niece: небОга (небого!)
    Stepfather: вітчим (тату!)
    Stepmother: мачуха (мамо!)
    Brother: брат(е! ) or by name
    Sister: сестра (сестро!) or by name
  34. luitzen Senior Member

    Frisian, Dutch and Low Saxon
    I don't remember that many. Most words used are just normal words. The following come to mind though:

    -memmy for mem (English: mum/mother)
    -heity for heit (English: dad/father)
    -koese (from French coucher) for sliepe (English: to sleep). This word, however, is also a normal word, but it's used more for children (lekker koese/lekker sliepe)
  35. Mackinder

    Mackinder Senior Member

    Español (Colombia)
    In English:

    Please: pwease
    Little: weettle
    With: wif
    Friend: fwend
    Pretty: pweetty

    In Spanish:

    Perrito puppy: guau guau
    Gatito kitty: miau miau
    Patito duck: quack quack
    Serpiente snake: pssssssssssss
    Pollito chicken: pio pio pio
    Vaca cow: muuuuuuuuuuuu
    Marrano pig: oink oink oink
    Oveja sheep: beeeeeeeeeee
    Aveja bee: bsssssssssssssssssss
    Letrero signpost: letlelo

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  36. StudentOfTheWorld New Member

    Kannada & English (USA)
    In Kannada, we have:

    mam-mam/mammu = food/meal
    tachi - nap
    lali-hogadu - to go to sleep
    mlungu (my mom's personal term, from her second language Tamil) - swallow
    chinna/chinni/chintu/kaNNa/kaNNamma - dear/darling (my mom has many other words, but those are the main ones)
    appachi - treat
    babba-hogadu - to go outside
    abbu - pain/injury
    gummaNNa - the boogeyman essentially; used to scare young children
    woNu/woNamma - "What is it?"; Basically asking what's wrong, regardless of whether the child is in discomfort or not
    paapa - Poor thing
    jaja/jaji - Comes from Ajja-ajji (a way to talk about both grandparents at once), which can sound like Ajjaji; Used to refer to grandfather and grandmother respectively (usually dad's parents); sometimes for random old people
    taTTA - when you pat a baby's back to help him/her burp
    tegamma - My mom's personal word for a burp
    paapu/papave/chikku-paapa - Used to talk about other babies younger than the child being spoken to
  37. kawaii neko New Member

    Indonesian English
    In Indonesian
    father = ayah, bapak, papi, papa, abi
    mother = bunda, ibu, mama, mami, umi, mimi

    child = anak, bayi
    old brother : kakak, mas, abang, uda, akang
    young brother : dedek, adik
    old sister : mbak, kakak, uni, teteh
    grandma : nenek, nini, oma, uti, mbah putri
    grandpa : kakek, aki, opa, kung, mbah kakung
    uncle : paman, om, pakde
    auntie : bibi, tante, uwa
    to sleep = bobo
    peek-a-boo = cilukba
    faeces = e'e
    to pee = pipis
    to eat = maem
    to drink water : mimi
    to breastfeeding : nenen
    to buy some snack : jajan
  38. kawaii neko New Member

    Indonesian English
    In Indonesian
    father = ayah, bapak, papi, papa, abi
    mother = bunda, ibu, mama, mami, umi, mimi

    child = anak, bayi
    old brother : kakak, mas, abang, uda, akang
    young brother : dedek, adik
    old sister : mbak, kakak, uni, teteh
    grandma : nenek, nini, oma, uti, mbah putri
    grandpa : kakek, aki, opa, kung, mbah kakung
    uncle : paman, om, pakde
    auntie : bibi, tante, uwa
    to sleep = bobo
    faeces = e'e
    to pee = pipis
    to eat = maem
    to drink water : mimi
    to breastfeeding : nenen
    to buy some snack : jajan
    peek-a-boo = cilukba
  39. Afshin81

    Afshin81 Member

    Persian - Iran
    father - baba
    mother - mama
    grandfather - babayi
    grandmother - mamani
    dog - hapoo
    cat - pishoo , pishi
    injury - oof
    car - ann ann
    sleep - lala ("a" as in some)
    water - abba, aa
    pacifier - mem , mam ("a" as in fan)
    food - bah bah ("a" as in fan)
    going out of the house - dada ("a" as in fan)
    baby - nini
  40. Feainn

    Feainn Senior Member

    Northern Italy - Venice
    Italian & Venetian
    Father - papà; papi
    Mother - mamma; mami
    Child - bebè
    Pain: bua
    Sleep: nanne
    Faeces: pupù
    Food: pappa
    Urine: pipì
    Dog: bau
    Cat: miao
    Car: brum
    Walk (as in "to have a walk"): tatai
    Meat: cicìn
    Peek-a-boo: bubusettete

  41. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    father = papa
    mother = mama
    child = baba
    hurting spot on body = bibi
    to sleep = csicsikál (verb)
    faeces = kaka, kaki
    urine = pisi
    food = papi
    cat = cica
    chicken = pipi
    car = brum-brum

    Thank you for your fantastic cooperation again... :thumbsup:
    And I'd add some Hungarian expressions now, too.
  42. 810senior

    810senior Senior Member

    father = papa
    mother = mama
    chlid = ?(I have no idea...)
    hurting spot on body = butsubutsu(primarily meaning verruca)
    to sleep = onennesuru
    faeces = unko
    urine = oshikko, shitshit, chicchi
    food = mamma (I remember there is a similarly pronounced word in Hungarian, right?)

    Other examples(as far as I remembered):
    car = bu-bu-, bunbun
    to shit = shi-shi-suru
    uncle = oitan (it sounds so cute :))
    sleep(noun) = onenne, onemu
    eyes = omeme, omemme
    ambulance = kyu-kyu-, pi-po-pi-po
    boobs = oppai (it sounds so lewd...:D)
  43. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    810senior, you must be psychic.... I was about to ask you to participate here, too.... thank you... :)

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